Budget binders


Do you want to get a flat chest by covering up your breasts with a Binder? Danaë Trans-Missie has more than 15 different chestbinders in their collection. Whether you are looking for a standard binder, sport binder or binder band, they are all handmade in the Netherlands and orders above €50 are shipped for free within the Benelux and Germany!

What is a chest binder?

A binder, also called chest binder, FtM binder, bra binder or breast binder, is a piece of underwear that allows you to painlessly but effectively push your chest flat. It is often a top or undershirt made of elastic material. A binder fits tightly around the upper body: it spreads the mass of the breasts and pushes them flat against the chest.

You can use a binder for different reasons: as a transman to look less feminine, for cosplay or recreational crossdressing, but also for theater actors a chest binder can offer a solution for creating a character with a different gender.

How do you put on a chest binder?

Putting on a binder can sometimes be a bit difficult due to the rigid material: therefore it is important that you buy the right size. You can put on a binder through both the top and bottom of your body and position the breasts in the right position: towards the side and/or armpits. In this video you can see how to put on an ftm binder.

What should you look out for when buying a chest binder?

Danaë Trans-Missie advises you to buy a good and suitable - so not too small - binder. If you buy a binder that is too small or of poor quality you can damage your skin and have problems with breathing. Worst case scenario, when for example you start working with duct tape and bandages yourself, you can even bruise your ribs. People often think they should buy the smallest binder possible because it must be as tight as possible to make as flat as possible. This is not the case: a binder in your own size fits like a second skin around your body. More information about taking your measurements can be found in the size chart.

What is the difference between a normal binder and a sports binder?

In addition to the regular binders Danaë Trans-Missie has also designed a binder specially to wear during sports. These are somewhat shorter than the basic binders and have an extra lowcut back to prevent excessive sweating or friction between the skin and fabric.