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Penis prosthesis

From woman to man: the genitals

If you want to look like a man but were born a woman, you can choose to wear a penis prosthesis. Danaë Trans-Missie sells fake penisis in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the dick prostheses, Trans-Missie also sells other aids such as underpants with an extra pouch, erection bars and STP (stand to pee) funnels for in the pecker.

What is a penis prosthesis?

A penis prosthesis, also called packer or packy, is a fake penis. These days however, they are made so realistic and comfortable that if you wear a packer, it looks like you have a real penis.

Why is Mr Limpy popular?

Mr. Limpy is a very popular penis prosthesis among transgenders and crossdressers because it looks very realistic and also feels lifelike. The skin-like material from Mr. Limpy is incredibly soft, stretchable, flexible and pliable. It just feels real!

How do I wear a penis prosthesis?

You can slide a penis prosthesis into your underpants, but to wear it comfortably we recommend that you purchase a special underpants or other type of harness. This can be in the form of a slip, a special pouch or an adjustable harness. Here you can attach the prosthesis, so that it stays in place better and it is more comfortable to wear and use the prosthesis / packer.