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Breast prosthesis

What is a breast prosthesis?

Breast prostheses are fake breasts. They are usually made of silicone material, which feels soft and natural. You can buy them at Danaë Trans-Missie in all cupsizes and colors: from AA to DD and from transparent silicone to foam material with a light or dark skin color. Breast prostheses are available in triangle and oval shape. In addition to the breast prostheses we also sell products in which the prostheses can be worn, such as sports tops, shirts or bikinis with an extra pocket.

Why wearing breast prosthesis?

You can buy breast prostheses for a variety of reasons. As a "male to female" transgender our prostheses are a huge help to see yourselve the way you feel. But also when, as a woman, you have had a breast removal operation (mastectomy), silicone breasts can be a way to feel secure again. If you only want to dress up temporarily, for example for cosplay, transvestism, drag or crossdressing, you can find exactly the shape and size of breasts that suits you best at Danaë Trans-Missie.

Wearing fake boobs can give a lot of confidence and freedom in your clothing choice. Because we believe that everyone should and can be themselves, we are happy to help everyone with an outfit that matches your personality! A breast prosthesis can be a nice first step in this.

Why wearing prosthetic bra?

Silicone breasts can be worn in a prosthetic bra, so that the breast prostheses will stay in it's place and it is comfortable to wear them. There are spaces for the prostheses in such a special bra. With a prosthetic bra, the fake breasts will look better under your clothing and therefore look like real breasts. A good prosthesis bra relieves the shoulders and ensures that your breasts do not shift while moving or fall forward when you bend over. This way you simply forget that you are wearing breast prostheses!