Longitud del cuerpo y ancho del hombro
Circunferencia, medida en la parte más ancha del cofre
Ancho de la cintura, apretado alrededor de la cintura.
Ancho de cadera, medido en el punto más ancho de la cadera.
Bajo Busto, bien medido justo debajo del pecho.


  • Corset with spiral ribs.
  • Metal, spiral ribs bend different sides and are stronger, more flexible and give more strength than plastic ribs.
  • Unique, one of a kind, design.
  • Front material light blue raw silk, side panels dark blue raw silk.
  • Material lining turquoise taffeta.
  • This corset can be worn inside out, from 2 sides.
  • Bust: 92 cm, Waist: 78 cm.
  • Front and back closure cobalt blue ribbon.
  • Only handwash, not suitable for the dryer.
  • This product is handmade in our workshop in Amsterdam.
  • Made of vintage materials. 100% sustainable fashion!
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