Instruction manual

Products She/They

All our underwear and our swimwear can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Unfortunately, the material is not suitable for the dryer. We advise against using too much detergent.

All MtF tops with spaces for prostheses

Place the prostheses in the spaces provided before you put on your top. Then pull on the top and model the prostheses in the right place. The tops can also be pulled over the hips upwards, when you have broad shoulders.

All MtF underpants that flatten your genitals

Pull on like normal underpants and pull your penis backwards or to the front (on your stomach) with your hand as far as possible. It depends on your physique and your personal preference which way you prefer. Make sure that a slip or string has to be tight so that it flattens your penis but it should not pinch anything. When you get painful red stretch marks, you do not have the right size.

MtF Corset

Tuck the corset around the narrowest point on your waist and hook the lower hooks and eyes together. As soon as the lowest ones are closed you can slowly close all hooks and eyes upwards.

MtF Foam prostheses

The foam prostheses can be washed by hand with lukewarm water. Use a drop of soft soap. Too much soap is not good for the material and can make the breast "sticky". Let the protheses air dry on a towel and they are ready for use again. You can swim with these prostheses. Please note that the material will wear or become discolored more quickly in salt and / or chlorine water after intensive use.

MtF Silicone prostheses and pads

All pads and prostheses can be washed by hand with a mild soap. Take care not to stick these products to the skin with glue or tape. You also need to be careful with long nails or rings with sharp tips. This prevents damage to the outer layer. We recommend to wear the prostheses in a bag on the skin to prevent cracks and minor damage. With all prostheses and pads you can swim.

Medical tape

It is wise to shave the skin first where you want to use the tape and remove lotions or creams with an alcohol solution. You can stick your gender both forwards and backwards. It depends on your physique and your personal preference which way you prefer. Keep your gender forward on your stomach or back between your legs and stick the tape over your gender. It is important that you can move comfortably. The tighter you stick it, the flatter it becomes, but make sure that poor blood circulation can cause serious complications. Never use the tape for longer than 8 hours.