She / They


Trans-missie designs and produces shaping underwear and swimwear for people who, always or occasionally, want to change in the appearance of the opposite sex. This can be for a numerous of reasons; People who identify themselves as transgender, non-binary, cross-dresser, genderqueer, gender-non-conforming, A-gender, gender-fluid or bi-gender can all benefit from our custom products. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to look how they desire. 

Trans-missie offers you a broad product range which helps you to look more feminine. Our assortment consists of:

  • MtF tops: Bandeaus, sports tops, singlets, corsets and MtF bras or a prosthetic bra. Some tops are especially made to wear breast prosthesis as well.  
  • MtF underwear: Different models of underwear to hide away your penis. Think about thongs, briefs, boxers and corrective underwear. 
  • MtF swimwear: A comfortable, sporty, safe and feminine swimming clothing consisting of MtF bikinis, MtF swimsuits and swimming singlets. 
  • Breast prostheses: Breast forms in different cups and colors; from AA to DD, from transparent to light or dark skin tone. 
  • Accessories: All kinds of accessories to look more feminine. From fake lashes to hair extensions and hip pads. 

Almost every product is handmade at the atelier in Amsterdam. Therefore, when you have a deviant size or a special wish, you can contact us and we make you a custom made product.