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Like to buy trans underpants?

If you like to hide your gender, Danaë Trans-Missie sells various underpants that comfortably hide your genitals. Whether you prefer to wear a thong, slip or boxer, there is a model for everyone. Almost all models are made by hand in our atelier in Amsterdam.

What is tucking?

Tucking is a technique whereby a MtF trans person hides the penis and testicles, so it doesn't stand out under clothing. To do this in a safe and comfortable way, you need tucking underwear or a tucking gaff. In our webshop you can choose from different MtF underpants/ transgender panties. Which one suits you? Below you will find the characteristics and differences per model.


Gender eliminating Underwear

The thong, the normal slip, the high-waisted slip, and the "Maria" and "Kim" models, hide the penis as effectively and comfortably as possible. The thong, briefs and high-waisted briefs are made of the same material, a top fabric with a shaping layer on the inside. Which model fits you most depends on what fits your figure best.

The slip "Maria" is specially made for the plastic reinforcement "humphider", which you can order separately. The humphider extra strong is extremely effective and very suitable for "drag" performances. The humphider medium strong is better for daily use. The slip "Kim" eliminates the male gender but also has a foam padding for larger looking buttocks.

Underwear which doesn't eliminate gender

The "Nicky" and "Kylie" briefs don't hide the penis and are especially recommended if you want to create female hips and larger looking buttocks. They are both highwaisted, creating a narrow waist and hiding "lovehandles." With slip Nicky you can shift the padding a bit, for example more to your thigh or to the side of your hip.

Shapewear for men

Are you looking for underwear that gives you feminine shapes? At Danaë Trans-Missie you can buy underwear with a built-in padding to make your butt look bigger in a skirt or nice tight jeans. You can opt for the Kylie slip, which doesn't eliminate your male genitals. Do you want shapewear that also eliminates your penis? Then go for the slip Kim, a nice underpants with buttocks to hide your male gender as comfortably as possible.

Buying transgender underwear, what should you look out for?

The stronger the material, the less comfortable and difficult it is to put the underpants on and off. For the size it's wise to keep your normal size in mind. The size of your penis and testicles don't influence the size choice. Are you unsure about your size or do you have different sizes than our sizecharts? Most of our products can be made to measure.