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Transgender swimwear

If you are a transgender person with a male genitalia and you want to swim during the hot summer days it's important to feel comfortable in a well-fitting bikini or bathing suit. That is why Danaë Trans-Missie has developed a transgender swimwear line that is comfortable, sporty, safe and yet feminine. The tops and suits have separate compartments for your breast prostheses and the clothing contains a special elastane to hide your genitals as comfortably and effectively as possible.

Different types of swimwear for transgender people

Whether you prefer to wear a bikini or a bathing suit and whether you have a size XS or XXXL, you can go to Danaë Trans-Missie for a well-fitting swim outfit. Below we describe the types of swimwear we sell. All swimwear is handmade in our studio in Amsterdam and delivered free of charge in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Prosthetic bikini top: which top do you choose?

If you prefer to wear a bikini, you can choose from two tops. The difference between the two tops is that the shoulder straps of the advanced top are narrower and you can also wear these as a halter or crossed over your back.

Transgender swimwear: do you choose the thong, briefs or shorts?

The string, the short and the slip all work away the penis. If you already have a very nice bikini or prefer to wear a different color than the colors we offer, you can buy the transgender bikini thong and wear it under a different bikini brief.

Swimsuit or swim singlet

If you prefer not to wear a bikini, the swimsuit that Danaë has designed is an all-in-one option. The swimsuit actually removes the penis, has room for breast prostheses and is figure correcting. It really gives you a feminine waist! A swim singlet or swim shirt is just in between the bathing suit and the bikini. This is a belly covering top in which you can wear breast prostheses, but does not work figure shaping.

Swimming skirt

If you like the idea that your genitals are even better hidden, you can wear a swim skirt or bikini skirt over your bikini slip. It doesn't shape, but gives a more comfortable and safe feeling.

Buying transgender swimwear, what should you look out for?

When buying transgender swimwear, please note that all our MtF tops and briefs are made on men's sizes. All swim tops have separate compartments to put in the prostheses, so they stay in place while swimming. Our swimwear is tight, like a second skin, around the body but should never hurt! If you are unsure about your size, please contact us.