Body length and shoulder width
Chestwidth, measured over the widest part of the chest.
Waist width, measured tightly around the waist.
Hipwidth, measured across the widest part of hips.
Under bust, tightly measured just below the chest.
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  • Boy's Dream is a hardcover Young Adult novel written in 2007 by Lorna Minkman, published by Uitgeverij Lannoo
  • David moves to a seaside village in the middle of the school year. After the autumn break he starts in the HAVO final exam class. David has been a boy since the age of fourteen, although he still has the body of a girl.

    He's obsessed with a muscular male body. Before school starts, he has already found the gym. There he meets Tess, who turns out to be in his class. David intrigues her and Tess arranges for him to join the group that, led by Menno, prepares the graduation party.

    Tess falls in love with David, but does she stay that way when he says he was born a girl? And how does Menno react when his best friend doesn't have a boy's body?


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