About Crossdressing

Cross dressing

Crossdressing is common in the Netherlands. But what is it really? And what cross dressing supplies do you need to get started and become a regular crossdresser? Trans-Missie believes it is important that everyone dares and can be themselves, whether you are transgender or only occasionally want to transform into the opposite sex. In that case, a well-fitting outfit is half the battle!

What is cross dressing?

Cross dressing means wearing clothes, make-up, accessories, and prosthetics to mimic the appearance of the opposite sex. To change your voice and adopting "typically" masculine or feminine ttraits and body language can also be part of this.

What is the difference between cross dressing, transvestism and transgender ?

Cross dressing is sometimes confused with transvestism. Previously, the words transvestite and crossdresser were often used interchangeably. Some men did not agree with the term transvestite because of the sexual association, therefore they started calling themselves "crossdressers". A transvestite often does not feel the need to actually have his or her body transformed into the opposite sex, unlike a transgender person. Cross dressers usually like to dress up once in a while, sometimes limited to just a few items of clothing.

What kind of basic clothing do you use for cross dressing?

As a crossdresser you need basic clothing, also called crossdresser clothing, to transform into the opposite sex. However, this is no different from basic and undergarments bought and worn by transgender people. Are you looking for cross dressing underwear? Trans-Missie sells the following products and prostheses:

  • Breast prostheses;
  • Penile prosthesis;
  • Underwear;

Breast prostheses

Breast prostheses are fake breasts usually made of silicone material. These breast forms feel soft and natural. At Trans-Missie you can buy prostheses in all kinds of cup sizes and colors: from AA to DD and from transparent silicone to materials with different skin colors. You can find the whole product range of our breast forms at this page.

Penis prostheses

A penis prosthesis, also called a packer, is a fake penis made of soft and comfortable material. You wear the prosthesis or packer under your clothes to assume the appearance of a man. Most popular for crossdressing is the Mr. Limpy. You can find the whole product range and what you need for attaching the prosthesis at this page.

Underwear and tops

If you want to wear a prosthesis, it is more comfortable with a well-fitting and specially made underpants, top or bra. These products are handmade from certified organic material by Trans-Missie in our atelier in the Netherlands. In addition to a good fit and high quality, Trans-Missie also considers the environment.