Swimwear He/They

Trans swimwear (FtM)

Are you looking for transgender swimwear or trans swimwear? When you are in transition and physically still have the characteristics of a woman, swimming can be a stumbling block. Trans- Missie offers you the solution: with a special swim binder you can hide your breasts and make your chest flatter. With this swim binder you can dive into the pool more confidently and with a safe feeling!

A swim binder or a binder swimsuit?

Not certain which type of FtM swimwear you want? Trans-Missie offers you different types of swimwear: a swim binder, a swimming trunk, a swim top, a swim singlet, a binder swimsuit or a packing pouch made of swim lycra. The fabric we use to make the swimwear is suitable for swimming. Moreover, the material is thicker than the regular binders, resulting in a tighter and less stretching binder. As with regular binders, it is extremely important to choose the right size. In our size chart you can find the measurements. All our swimwear is handmade in the Netherlands. The fabrics for the swimwear are produced in Germany.

What’s the difference between a swim binder, a swim singlet and a swim top?

The swim binder, swim singlet and swim top have some similarities, however there are also differences between them. A basic swim binder is a regular chest binder made of the fabric suitable for swimming. The difference between the swim top and the swim singlet is that the swim top has a FtM binder over its entire length. The advanced swim singlet has a short binder. The binders are processed invisibly in both products.

Swimming trunk for a prosthetic penis

Trans-Missie also sells swimming trunks with a lockable compartment on the inside for your penis prosthesis. The seams of this swimming trunk have been hidden for your wearing comfort. In addition, the model is made in such a way that people with wider hips can wear the swimming trunk comfortably.

Packing pouch for swimming

Do you already have a swimming trunk that you like to wear, but it doesn’t have space for a prosthesis? No worries! With the packing pouch made of swimming lycra you can simply wear your own swimming trunks, with a packer. This handy pouch is intended for your penis prosthesis and can simply be attached to your swimming trunks. You can even switch with fun prints and models!