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FtM: the genitals

If you feel more comfortable having a penis, but have not yet had an operation, or if you do not intend to do so at all, you can choose to wear a prosthetic penis. Trans-Missie sells penis prostheses, also called penis sleeve or transgender penis, in all shapes and sizes. In addition, we also offer you necessities for your prosthesis like underwear with or without a packer, erection rods and StP (stand to pee) tunnels. You may recognize our brand from the TV show “He is a She”. In this program, one of the transgender participants came to Trans-Missie to buy a prosthetic penis.

What is a prosthetic penis?

A penile prosthesis, also called a packer, is a silicone penis. Today, penis prostheses are made very realistic and comfortable, therefore the wearer actually feels like they have a real penis.

Why is Mr. Limpy so popular?

Mr. Limpy is a popular penis sleeve among trans people because it looks realistic. The skin-like material makes the penis prosthesis feel real. Mr. Limpy is incredibly soft, stretchy, bendable and pliable.

What are the benefits of the Emisil or Banana Prosthetics ?

Emisil and Banana Prosthetics is, like Mr. Limpy, a popular prosthetic penis. An Emisil prosthetic is distinctive from other penis prosthetics because of the incredible attention to detail. The Emisil is made of three 100% medical silicone layers with different levels of softness, each colouring when you pressure the scrotum. Due to these layers and its overall ergonomic design, the Emisil looks and feels very realistic. It can also help you to minimize dysphoria. The penis prosthesis is safe and comfortable for daily usage, and can be worn day and night as a packer. Additionally, the Emisil is an STP (stand to pee) packer which makes it easy to urinate while standing.

How to wear a penile prosthesis?

You can easily slide a penile prosthesis into your underpants. However, to really wear the prosthesis comfortably, it is recommended to buy a special underpants or fastener. This can be a slip, strap or harness, for example. You attach the prosthesis, making it stay in place and making it more comfortable to wear the penile prosthesis or packer.