FtM Trans Shaping Underwear 

Trans-missie designs and produces corrective underwear and swimwear for people who, always or occasionally, want to change in the appearance of the opposite sex. This can be for a numerous of reasons; People who identify themselves as transgender, non-binary, cross-dresser, genderqueer, gender-non-conforming, A-gender, gender-fluid or bi-gender can all benefit from our custom products. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to look how they desire.

Trans-missie offers you a broad product range which will help you to look more masculine. Our assortment consists of:

  • Chest binders: Different chest binders to flatten the chest or bind your breast. We offer regular binders, strapless binders, sports binders and swim binders.
  • FtM underwear: A broad choice of FtM underwear between FtM harnesses, a harness ring, a harness slip, a packing pouch and boxershorts with or without paddings.
  • FtM swimwear: Our FtM swimwear assortment consists of different models from swim binders to swimming tops and swimming trunks to swimming packing pouches.
  • Penis prostheses: We offer you different types of prosthetic penises and other necessities to wear a prosthetic penis.
  • After the surgery accessories: After a gender reassignment surgery, the right clothing and accessories are of great importance for comfortable and rapid healing. Think about an adjustable chest binder or a donut cushion.