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Underwear for your packer ftm?

Are you looking for underwear for transgender people? At Danäe Trans-Missie you can buy different underpants for your packer. You can choose from a harness, harness ring, harness slip, packing pouch, boxer shorts with or without filling or a complete package: a harness with packer. All handmade and orders above €50 are delivered without shipping costs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! We have described and compared them below.

The difference between a harness or harness ring?

With a harness or harness ring you can place the packer in the ring. The difference between the harness and the harness ring is the price and the quality. The ring is made of elastic bands and the harness of fabric. Both can be adjusted with straps to your own size. Both can be worn as a jock strap, where the straps run along the side of your buttocks, or as a string, where the straps run in between the buttocks.

Why a harness, harness ring or harness slip for your packer?

With a harness or harness ring you wear the packer directly on your own skin. With a harness slip you wear a normal slip containing a pocket with a hole for your packer, so that you cannot wear it on your skin but it is outside your underwear. It is a personal preference what you would like. One wants the packer to wear on the skin for a more realistic feeling, the other doesn't like this because of the silicone and synthetic material that could sweat or irritate your skin.

Packing pouch or boxer shorts?

With a packing pouch or boxer shorts you don't wear the packer on your skin. A packing pouch is a fabric bag for your packer / penis prosthesis. You can attach this to any underwear or swimwear. Because you probably already have a lot of underpants in the closet, the packing pouch is an ideal and cheap solution.

Boxer shorts with or without filling?

The boxer shorts with filling are supplied filled, but you can also replace the filling with your own, more realistic, prosthesis. What is the difference between the several boxer shorts we offer? The special thing about the boxer shorts without filling is that this boxer is designed by Danaë especially for transmen. The seams of this boxer shorts are largely eliminated and are located in other places, so they avoid sensitive areas such as the clitoris and prevent abrasion.

What is stand to pee (stp)?

Stand to pee (StP) literally means peeing standing up. With a StP packer you have a penis prosthesis with a urethra, which you can attach in your transgender underwear so that you can easily pee standing up. It is important to know that a boxer shorts and packing pouch are ideal for packers, but are not suitable for StP packers. With a StP packer it is best to choose a harness.