Body length and shoulder width
Chestwidth, measured over the widest part of the chest.
Waist width, measured tightly around the waist.
Hipwidth, measured across the widest part of hips.
Under bust, tightly measured just below the chest.
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Emisil FTM - Penis Prosthetic Repair Kit

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€41,28 Non EU excl. btw
  • The EMISIL FTM Penile Prosthesis Repair Kit contains:
    - Alcohol prep pads
    - One-component Sil-Poxy Tear-Tab for single use
    - Brushes
    - Matte powder
    - Instructions
  • Sil-Poxy ™ certified skin safe. Do not apply to the skin in liquid form.
  • It is best to repair your Emisil in a well-ventilated area with rubber gloves.
  • Store and use the material at room temperature (73 ° F / 23 ° C). This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible.
  • Repair Instructions:
    1. Clean the surface with the alcohol wipes.
    2. Apply Sil-Poxy glue to the damaged area.
    3. The material will start to cure within 15 minutes. After an hour it is completely hardened.
    4. After the glue has dried, use the supplied matting powder.
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