Body length and shoulder width
Chestwidth, measured over the widest part of the chest.
Waist width, measured tightly around the waist.
Hipwidth, measured across the widest part of hips.
Under bust, tightly measured just below the chest.
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Che 2&1 Prosthetic

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€148,72 Non EU excl. btw
  • Che is a STP 2&1 circumcised realistic prosthetic.
  • Che is 3.75 inches/ 10 cm long and circumference measures 4 inches at it's widest point.
  • Che has an integrated Stand to Pee silicone funnel system.
  • Made with 100% platinum healthcare grade prosthetic silicone, contains no phthalates; skin safe for everyday use.
  • Available in the basic colors vanilla, caramel and chocolate and with additional layers of paint for an extra realistic look.
  • Realistic look using 9 layers of paint to give it up close human skin tones, skin details, veins & other subtle skin textures that add to the realism.
  • Additional layers of paint make this product very realistic but also more vulnerable.
  • Can be used for all day packing including during sleep, helping with minimizing bottom dysphoria, when you look down & stand to pee.
  • Hyper realistic soft feel that passes the "grab test".
  • Full 3D very soft scrotum which move much like biological scrotums.
  • Weight, 5 ounces/ 142 gramms .
  • The prosthetic profile is efficient with no excess bulk, making it a lot easier to pack, producing a realistic bulge.
  • The STP attached soft silicone funnel is discreet & is folded into the shaft after use.
  • The funnel & shaft are perfectly aligned enabling urine to exit completely & no urine spot on your pants.
  • This product is handmade in New York USA.
  • The delivery time of this product can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Due to the intimate nature of the product returns can not be accepted and all sales are final. For this same reason refunds are not available.
  • If you find it difficult to make a final decision about buying this product. Please contact us for a visit to our workshop.
  • Delivery is discreet, sent in packaging that does not reveal the nature of the product. Your privacy is of upmost importance.
  • All products are handmade in Amsterdam.
  • Free shipping to United stats of America if u order above €150,00
  • We can make our products tailor-made for you!