Body length and shoulder width
Chestwidth, measured over the widest part of the chest.
Waist width, measured tightly around the waist.
Hipwidth, measured across the widest part of hips.
Under bust, tightly measured just below the chest.

Budget Basic binder Kids

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  • Short comfortable budget basic binder for transgender boys.
  • Same quality as the normal basic binder only finished without elastic band.
  • Same durability as the normal basic binder only a slightly less chic finish.
  • For everyday use.
  • Suitable for all sizes.
  • Suitable for sports.
  • Available in 158 until 176.
  • If you have deviating sizes or wishes, you can also have this product customized.
  • Wash at 30 degrees, not suitable for the dryer.
  • You can order this product in an extra strong version.
  • Strong material makes your chest flatter but is tighter and more difficult to pull on and off.
  • This product is handmade in our studio in Amsterdam with fabrics produced in Germany.
All products are handmade in Amsterdam.
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